Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Parking meters delayed in the Mission

ENUF sends this in:

We won a reprieve! Thanks to everyone who sent letters and comments re: Ordinance 5176. The hearing officers agreed with everyone that there is no point in rushing a decision on installing spot parking meters in our neighborhood. NOT ONE PERSON other than SFMTA staff showed up to request the meters. Three businesses said no to spot metering.

If you live between 16th and 20th streets and Bryant and Harrison, and you want residential parking permits on your block, please contact us: extendzonew@gmail.com

We have forms for businesses as well. We invite you to join one of our business groups that is working with SFMTA and Supervisor Campos to create a comprehensive parking plan for NE Mission.

One of the business groups is NEMBA, North East Mission Business Association

If you have any questions or would like to connect with other people in other neighborhoods, we will try to help you. 

THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP! Remember our motto: 
SFMTA is supposed to get us where we need to go not tell us how to get there!

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