Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cute Movement demo on Friday

Calling on all members of the Cute Movement and other narcissists and exhibitionists! Gather on Friday with Thea Selby, former happy-talk candidate for District 5 Supervisor, to celebrate your adorable creativity! Don't forget that allowing UC to trash the former extension property on lower Haight Street was all about the garish "art" by Jeremy Fish and other artists, as candidate Selby explained last year:

As founder and President of the Lower Haight Merchant and Neighbor Association I worked hard to “activate” the previously abandoned UC Extension site at 55 Laguna St. This meant bringing together various members of the community, including Upper Playground and local artists. We transformed the blighted building into a spectacular canvas for public art. 55 Laguna is now under development and outside the official lines of District 5, but I’ll continue to grow the relationships that were built during the process of the mural in order to ensure that the needs of our neighborhood are met.

In reality Selby and all the other District 5 candidates worked to allow UC to trash a state and federal landmark---property zoned for "public use" for the previous 150 years---to fatten its real estate portfolio at the expense of District 5 and the city. UC is now in the process of putting 450 new housing units---and 1,000 new residents---on the property in a neighborhood that is already choking on the 60,000 vehicles a day coming through the heart of Hayes Valley on Octavia Boulevard, another planning/traffic fiasco facilitated by our oh-so progressive leadership in City Hall.

But it's all good! We're all artists! We're all adorable! Bring your cameras to record how cute we all are!

Hello, Lower Haighters and Neighbors.

Remember that Silly Pink Bunny that has graced the corner of Haight and Laguna for the past almost 3 years? 

The one that, like the murals, has been tagged, paint-sprayed with a fire extinguisher, and otherwise abused? The one that has been lovingly scrubbed by neighbors, by Walden House, anti-graffiti painted by the community to keep it going over the years, and most recently, repainted and given a giant eye patch by the fab artist Jeremy Fish who donated his time and talent and statue to this wonderful project? The one that was photographed with the rest of the amazing and ever-changing mural, more times than anything else in the Lower Haight? The one that said Love in the Lower Haight and was a gateway to our neighborhood?

Always envisioned as a temporary project, Silly Pink Bunny is going away along with the two mural walls on Laguna and Haight. On Friday, she will be grabbed by the Jaws of Death (as I call them) and shaken like a puppy until she gives up her foam and spider-filled inner guts. Demo’ed, as they say in the trade.


Please join us Friday September 13th as we say goodbye to the Silly Pink Bunny, and talk about what’s next art-wise at this location. I don’t want to give away too much yet, but if you come on Friday, we will unveil exciting plans of resurrection. I mean permanent-style.



FRIDAY THE 13th of September


Bring your cameras and your videos and your eyes and your hearts. Wear black. Or pink.

Thea and the Lower Haight Merchant + Neighbor Assn, in collaboration with Haight Street Art Center and Jeremy Fish

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At 2:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh no, more housing units! More cars! More traffic and congestion! But that's Americans for you. They're in love with their cars and will hear of no alternatives.

At 1:43 PM, Blogger Rob Anderson said...

Cars are a wonderful invention that provide millions of people great mobility. And then there are buses and trucks---all our goods are delivered by trucks.

The point your lame irony ignores: in an already densely-populated part of town---an area already struggling with all the traffic on Octavia Blvd.---why allow a huge housing development that will bring in another 1,000 residents?

Americans love their cars and the mobility they provide, but they also believe in good planning.

At 6:20 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rob we need the housing to house the people who want to live here. It's going to be built, and the population is going to continue growing, and more and bigger apartment buildings will be in our city.


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