Friday, August 16, 2013

Who are the real "barbarians"?

Even by the Chronicle's standards, today's editorial (A weak answer to barbarity---the online version of the editorial changed "barbarity" to "brutality") on Egypt is stupid, as if the US could really do anything decisive to change the policy of the Egyptian government. Canceling US military aid would not only be ineffective, but  it would be against our interests, since we rely on Egypt for intelligence on terrorism, to allow US ships through the Suez Canal, to maintain its peace treaty with Israel, and for any future settlement with Iran. Marc Ambinder itemizes these points.

Like the attacks on Christian churches shown in the video above, the editorial doesn't seem to understand what the Muslim Brotherhood represents: Islamic fascism, not democracy. The military government in Egypt---of course it was a coup---responded to widespread and well-founded fears that the Morsi government was trying to impose an Islamic dictatorship on Egypt.

Speaking of "weak" and "tame" responses to Islamic fascism, recall the Chronicle's flabby editorial during the Danish Mohammed cartoon riots.

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At 1:44 PM, Anonymous Vince said...

For a nationalist, anti-imperialist perspective on Egypt, check out recent posts on historian Webster Tarpley's website,

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Better yet, click on


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