Saturday, May 25, 2013

Parking and neighborhood business

ENUF/Meter Madness sends this on last month's Small Business Commission meeting:

Businesses need more parking to survive. The Small Business Commission heard complaints from small business owners at the April 22, 2013, meeting. Commissioners were sympathetic about the need for more parking for businesses.

A link to the SFGTV video of the meeting
is here. The agenda item is number 7, which starts at 27:47.

Some of the comments during the meeting:

Would like to see a representative from the Small Business community on the MTA board.

Encourage the merchants associations to continue demanding consideration from the MTA.

There appears to have been no real time studies or consideration for business operations in the areas where they are eliminating and limiting parking.

Parking removal and lack of parking seems to be the major problem for everyone.

We need to re-visit the policies that are driving these programs. We must change the attitude that we are not building any more parking.

We need parking as well as bike lanes. We are the taxpayers. We must realistically provide for the visitors and commuters who cannot take public transit into the city.

Blind loyalty to ideology at the expense of the whole community is not the answer. People are already avoiding certain neighborhoods due to parking difficulties.

Where did the anti-parking attitude come from?

ENUF's MTA petition

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