Monday, May 20, 2013

Larry Bush's CitiReport

Latest edition of Larry Bush's CitiReport is out:

This week the Board of Supervisors may take up their one appointment to the SF Ethics Commission. The appointee will serve until 2017---years past the terms of some of the supes who will vote on this, the only appointment the Board can make. 

Two candidates applied, but the Rules Committee forwarded only the candidate who has political ties to themselves, Brett Andrews. He is backed only by an organization regulated by the Ethics Commission. They did not forward Hulda Garfolo, who chaired the Civil Grand Jury report on Ethics called The Sleeping Watch Dog. Garfolo is backed by Friends of Ethics and more than two dozen community leaders.

Two of the three Rules Committee members have been in office for less than six months and appear to lack any knowledge of the Civil Grand Jury report or the Harvey Rose report on Ethics calling for reforms...
And check out the links on Bush's Ethics Syllabus page.

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