Friday, April 26, 2013

Featherbedding in the fire department

This letter to the editor was in the April 25 Chronicle:
Matier and Ross (Overtime puts firefighters ahead of chief, April 24) point out the abysmal record of the San Francisco Fire Department in controlling overtime costs.
To me the solution is simple but, of course, politically incorrect for today's pathetically cowardly politicians. I have several elderly sick neighbors, and every one of the six ambulance visits in the last couple years has been accompanied by a fully staffed fire engine.
Is there an explanation for this that is not just union dogma?
Edward Lortz
San Francisco
Rob's comment:
Yes, that has to be featherbedding. According to the Grand Jury, city firemen also game the retirement system more than other city workers, when they aren't bullying elected officials and wallowing in self-pity whenever a fireman dies in the line of duty.



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