Tuesday, April 09, 2013

City collects from broken parking meters

Mari from ENUF sends this update:
"SFMTA Media Relations Manager and unofficial captain of obvious observations Paul Rose told CBS5 that “it looks like it’s operational sometimes and not operational others. The ticket appeal process usually takes multiple tries before the ticket itself will be dismissed, making for an even bigger hassle than say, taking Muni… (more)"

Reasons for a moratorium on installing parking meters:
1. State law prohibits ticketing at broken meters, yet the SFMTA admits they are not following the law and are handing out tickets at broken meters.
2. Paul Rose admitted SFMTA is aware that some of the meters are inaccurately registering expired meters when there is time on the meters.
3. Paul Rose and others at the SFMTA acknowledge that the appeals process for faulty tickets takes at least three appeals to get a false ticket fixed. Many people are never compensated for these tickets even after going through the process.
4. Therefore, until the SFMTA fixes these abuses the city should cease adding any more parking meters in any of the neighborhoods. There is an anticipated hearing on meters in the neighborhoods on May 2. These issues should be addressed at that meeting.
Deals are being made that do NOT include parking meters in other neighborhoods, like near USF:
Hello Mari,
Here's an update on the USF meter installation. A partial victory, since all-day parking will be reduced to 2-hour parking. But at least it won't be metered.
And 2-hour parking will be reduced to 1-hour limits. Hardly practical for anyone, let alone the commuting students who can't get on-campus housing and increasingly have to move further from campus to find an apartment. Students are already complaining.
the City is now saying it won't install parking meters (which is good) but it does plan to put in place 2-hour time limits along Golden Gate, Turk, and Parker, and 1-hour time limits on all of the Terrace streets (e.g., Chabot Terrace, etc.).

If anyone wants longer time limits (e.g., 4 hours along USF and 2 hours on the Terrace streets) or other changes, they should make their voices known to SFMTA and USF as soon as possible.

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