Thursday, February 14, 2013

The failure of the white left

From Nick Cohen in The Spectator:

The failure of Britain’s liberal establishment and white left to combat reactionary religion, or even call it by its real name, stuns them. I can say from experience that if I talk about the ‘American Christian right’ or the ‘Israeli right’ no one will blink. Nor should they, I am using specific terms whose meanings are clear. When I use equally precise language talk about the ‘Muslim right,’ one of the great forces of reaction in the world today, my comrades either go blank, because I am using language they cannot understand, or accuse me of ‘racism,’ lack of ‘empathy,’ inappropriate ‘language’ or some other gross offence against modern etiquette.

Sound familiar? Recall the hysterical "progressive" reaction to the anti-jihad ads (below) on Muni buses last year.

Thanks to Harry's Place for the link.

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