Saturday, January 26, 2013

Stop MTA's Masonic Avenue project!

Stop the SFMTA from taking away ALL parking along Masonic Avenue.167 parking spaces will be eliminated!

The San Francisco Municipal Transit Association (SFMTA) Board voted in September to eliminate all parking on Masonic to allow for bike lanes on both sides. The community outreach they did was nothing more than a pro-forma exercise with as few as 50 people deciding the fate of the entire neighborhood. If you are only finding out about this issue by reading this flyer, this should be proof of the lack of outreach performed by the city.

We need to send a loud and clear message to the Board of Directors that we do not want this project to move forward. We need to stop this plan and pursue alternates that will make improvements but not eliminate all parking along the street. Please refer to this link for some alternate plans that are much less intrusive to the neighborhood.
Let the SFMTA Board know you live in the neighborhood and will be negatively impacted by this decision and were not asked to participate in the deliberation process. Demand they stop the plan to eliminate the removal of all parking and come up with a plan that will have less impact on those who live in the area. An alternate bike route to Masonic from the panhandle can be taken: Baker/Turk/Anza Vista, with a left onto O’Farrell. SFMTA can make that block of O’Farrell a two way street. None of these streets are high traffic routes.

Call and email Mike Sallaberry, the Project lead for SF Livable Streets, and let him know you want this project stopped and re-opened for proper community input: 
(415)701-4563 and

Also cc the entire Board of Directors  for the SFMTA:

Both district Supervisors:

London Breed:

And please cc me, Vince, at

This project has already been approved by the SFMTA board and so we need to act quickly and gather as much support as possible and to put it in writing. We need to demonstrate that the majority of neighborhood residents are not in favor of this plan going forward.

I’ve lived in NOPA for over 18 years and own a car and two bikes. I approve of the city creating bike lanes but not at the expense of bringing hardship to the residents and businesses in the area. The “Fix Masonic” proposal is a very one-sided plan of action, and not considerate of the impact on all who live in the neighborhood.
Please refer to a FaceBook page I created to update all on this project and other SFMTA related issues.



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