Thursday, January 17, 2013

MTA meeting Saturday in the Mission

Thanks for supporting our efforts to curtail the authority of the SFMTA and for spreading the word. As of today we have 1420 signatures on our petition.

SFTMA is conducting a "community meeting" this Saturday, January 19, 2013, 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m., John O’Connell High School auditorium, 2355 Folsom Street.
SFMTA writes: “There won’t be a fixed program, no presentation and no overall draft proposal. We are making ourselves available for questions and discussion and input...” (We are not sure how you can comment on a plan without seeing it first.)
Here's a MTA link to the upcoming meeting in case they change plans again.
We are encouraging people to come and watch the SFMTA in action. This is what you can expect in your neighborhood soon. They want feedback so come and let them know what you think about their restrictive parking policies, Sunday parking meters, parking tickets, disruptive streets, bicycle paths, etc.

ENUF has heard from a number of Supervisors who are following ENUF's efforts and looking for feedback from their constituents. Please let us know which districts you live and work in so we may get an idea of how best to get them that information and help you find support for your issues.

If you have a particular concern, let us know.

So far we have the following issues:

1. Restrictive parking policies
2. Parking Meters
3. Parking tickets, tows, and enforcement issues
4. Residential parking permits
5. Sunday parking enforcement
6. Elimination of Muni lines and service



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