Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dealing with a predatory MTA

Thanks for supporting Stop SFMTA. This message is for the many people who want to know what to do about parking tickets and other legal issues with the SFMTA and their restrictive parking policies that result in many questionable tickets.

Follow us on Meter Madness Sign up under the (Stop SFMTA) sign at the top of the right column.
We added a complaints page.

File a Consumer complaint with the California State Attorney General

List your SFMTA ticket complaints here.

Join the National Motorists Association for regular updates on national efforts to protect drivers’ interests here:

All the articles we run on metermadness are linked to the original source.Click on the (more) button and comment on the original source. The more comments the author receives the more likely they are to continue investigating the subject and the more media we have the better for our cause.

Signatures will hit 1500 soon. Forward this to your friends and associates and keep those signatures and parking surveys coming.

If you want to join us, contact ENUF at:

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