Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 in pictures

Ganging up on Mirkarimi
Herrerra loses again
2011 Bicycle Count Report

Olague appointed in District 5

Trying to do something about the Harding Theater
The Portland Oregonian censors Doonesbury

Surprise for Republicans: "Sluts" vote

Evidence in the Judi Bari bombing

Making cyclists "comfortable" on the Panhandle

New bike lane in Golden Gate Park

Good advice rejected by Mayor Lee

This turns John King on

City Hall became even
more predatory in 2012

Christopher Hitchens died

The Bay Guardian, SF Examiner merge

"20% by 2020": Goofy slogan
becomes city policy in 2012

From the folks who brought us
Octavia Blvd: "upgrading" Fort Mason

White punks in black

Lower Haight hates the Wiggle

D.A. Gascon tries to destroy Mirkarimi's family

US pretends that Islamic fanatics
aren't the real threat to the country

The SF Chronicle joins City Hall
in destroying Mirkarimi

Bay Guardian endorsed "Clueless" John Rizzo

Chris Bucchere killed Sutchi Hui

Save Muni showed that the Central Subway
is the most expensive light rail project in the US

Steinberg and Leno: Why are they smiling?

Senator Yee rolls over for the HSR boondoggle

Ivory Madison: Comic book heroine

Multiculturism in action: tolerating terrorism

Mitt Romney and Nephi

City Hall helps UC rip off the Extension property

Worst artist of the year: Damien Hirst

"I don't do what no motherfuckingbody tells me to do."

All the candidates
roll over for the Bicycle Coalition

The Examiner and the Bay Guardian
complete their mind-meld

The candiates couldn't/wouldn't answer these questions.




MTA hires Andy Thornley to work on parking!
Thornley in 2005: "We need to take space from cars"