Friday, December 21, 2012

Katherine Feinstein 2

As presiding judge of the Superior Court for the last year, Katherine Feinstein put Judge Teri Jackson in charge of CEQA cases. Last Friday Jackson ruled against appeals on both the Parkmerced case and the Treasure Island case, ruling that the EIRs on both "smart growth" developments were adequate. Observers say that she's ruled against every CEQA case that's come before her. Jackson's appointment is presumably another great victory for the Sisterhood and "diversity." 

These ruinous projects will gridlock much of San Francisco when they are implemented, since the Parkmerced project will add 5,679 new housing units to a housing development in a part of town that's already near gridlock with all the traffic on 19th Avenue. Think the traffic on the Bay Bridge is bad now? The Treasure Island project will add 8,000 new housing units to the island.

Along with her grandstanding by not swearing in Mirkarimi, that's quite a legacy Feinstein is leaving to San Francisco.

Now that she has some time on her hands, maybe she can ask her mother to stop dithering and support filibuster reform in the Senate. From the HuffPost:

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) didn't vote in 2011, and has been presumed to be opposed to major changes. But on Thursday she told HuffPost that she has met with Merkley and plans to study his proposal with an open mind. "I was just talking with him. I have his paper. I'm looking at it. We'll see," she said. 

Asked if she'd back Reid's move to change the rules absent a deal with Republicans, she didn't rule it out. "Well, that's a hypothetical question, I don't really know what the answer to it is. I will only say this: I think the time has come to look at real reform. I'm one that believes very strongly that cloture should not be allowable on a motion to proceed. We're here to debate. We're adults. This is a body, a hundred of us, to vote," she said. "To protect that absence of a vote by cloture you never have to take a position on the issue."

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What Americans think is necessary

This graph is from the Pew Research Center. Funny but I don't see bikes on the list. Maybe 2009 was too early to record the great bicycle revolution in the US.
Thanks to the Antiplanner for the link.