Friday, November 16, 2012

MTA, Streetsblog "stand up" to guy in wheelchair

Oh, those folks at Streetsblog and the MTA or so brave! They're "standing up" to the District 5 residents---and the guy in the wheelchair---who filed an appeal of the city's Fell/Oak bike lane project that will eliminate street parking on the Panhandle in a part of town where it's in short supply. That's a problem for both people in the neighborhood who have to park on the street and for the wheelchair-bound, like Howard Chabner, who need street parking for themselves and their service providers who also use motor vehicles.

But Streetsblog, like Fog City, also "stands up" against those who question official "progressive" dogma; they have to protect their sensitive prog readers from Rob Anderson's comments. Streetsblog published my early comments on the thread, but not my attempt to follow-up on the misinformation that's typical of their anti-car, pro-bike commenters. Like fundamentialists everywhere, Streetsblog hates it when you question their religion, BikeThink.[Later: See the comment below. Streetsblog is challenging this charge. Unsuccessfully submitting comments may be my fault. We're checking it out]
Credit where it's due: the uber-prog, pro-bike Bay Guardian does the free speech, debate thing a lot better on its politics blog than Streetsblog or Fog City.[Even later: Yes, it was apparently all my fault]

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