Saturday, September 15, 2012

No apology for freedom

The latest wave of hysteria by fanatical Muslims, like the Danish cartoon riots, isn't spontaneous; the attacks on US embassies were planned by Islamists.

The claim by Romney that the Obama administration is "apologizing" for the US is unfair, but Michael Totten makes a good point about defending our free culture. Sympathizing with Muslims' hurt feelings when their religion is mocked isn't really to the point. Tough shit if they don't like it:

[Secretary of State]Clinton also should have explained the First Amendment. We don’t punish blasphemy in the United States. Our government isn’t allowed to punish citizens for disrespecting a religion, a political party, the president, or anything or anyone else. This is not going to change. It’s certainly not going to change because violent reactionaries on the other side of the planet don’t like it. And I have to say it’s a little unseemly for our government to officially take a position on a YouTube video, even one that sparked an international crisis. It’s even more unseemly that our government is taking the same position on that film as the people who just killed our ambassador in Benghazi.


$1 billion for bike path on Bay Bridge?

Photo by Noah Berger for the Chronicle

The last time the Chronicle reported on the bike path on the Bay Bridge the projected price tag was a mere $550 million, with an approving quote from Leah Shahum of the Bicycle Coalition, who was of course undaunted by that number. The latest story last week has the cost up to $1 billion, but there was no quote from Shahum this time. Did the writer ask her for a comment, or did Shahum finally draw the line? I bet he didn't ask her. She had no problem with $225 million and $550 million; why would she balk at a billion?
Andy Thornley thought $160 million for the project was okay in 2009.
$225 million was just "a drop in the bucket" a year later.
Shahum thought $550 million was reasonable last year.
Does anyone think the Bicycle Coalition will balk at $1 billion?

Do I hear $2 billion?

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