Friday, August 03, 2012

A "moderate" Democrat and the DCCC

Photo by Luke Thomas of Fog City Journal

Moderate good for DCCC

The election of a moderate Chinese-American leader, Mary Jung, to the Democratic County Central Committee heralds the political coming of age for Chinese-American voters (“Moderate picked to lead S.F. Democrats").

For far too long, political life in San Francisco was characterized by foul-mouthed clowns such as Chris Daly. The City was constrained by progressives bound by their ideology, no matter what the evidence to the contrary was.

Think of ranked-choice voting, if you want an example of progressive ideology without evidence of benefit.

The intellectual poverty of city progressives will have to change if they are to emerge as a beneficial political force in the future. It’s political karma and changing demographics.

Fiona McGregor
San Francisco

From Letters to the Editor, SF Examiner, July 31

The Bay Guardian of course is unhappy with the change in leadership. It talks about "conservatives" and "progressives," but they're all Democrats! You would think they were talking about members of the Tea Party.

The reality is that left-wing Democrats---who support public power, dumping JROTC from public schools, legalizing prostitution, etc.---are a minority in San Francisco as demonstrated by election results.

Cyclists behaving badly on Market Street

Thanks to San Francisco Citizen for the link.

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