Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ivory Madison: Comic book hero

Ivory Madison's feminist persona

Watch Ivory Madison on CitiReport craft her persona as a heroic defender of women and the disenfranchised:

I wanted to be a hero. I still do...There were many times when I was one of very few willing to stand up for an unpopular cause, and as a result, my willingness to take risks on behalf of the disenfranchised has become inextricable from my character.

Ivory Madison as would-be intellectual: 

My "real life" was my volunteer leftist activism and my intellectualism. My true desire was to write social justice manifestos, scholarly treatises, to immerse myself in the world of ideas.

Ivory Madison thinks Big Paradigm Thoughts: 

...I have to say I would like to be the face of radical, post-modern, bisexual, ecofeminist, socialist, communitarian, humanist legal thought and activism n the new millennium...I want to study and write about the history and culture of legal systems, exploring everything from the metaeconomic to the socio-religious paradigms that influence the law from a critical feminist perspective.

Ivory Madison the intellectual tells us the cool books to read: Like "What's the Matter With Batman?" Clinical psychologist and Abnormal Psychology author Robin Rosenberg offers an unauthorized clinical look at the Caped Crusader.

Ivory Madison, comic book author, when not leaping Big Ideas with a single bound, is also a "writing coach" who helps other writers with their books.