Monday, July 02, 2012

High-speed rail takes hostages

As reported by Matier and Ross this morning, supporters of high-speed rail are so desperate to get state legislators to support the project that they are linking worthwhile transportation projects to the ruinous high-speed rail boondoggle. Support high-speed rail or these puppies die: $140 million for new BART cars, $105 million to modernize Caltrain, $61 million for San Francisco's Central Subway, and $46.5 million to improve the tracks on the Capital Corridor commute line between Oakland and San Jose.

The only dog we should let die is the mangy, rabid Central Subway cur that's on life-support in the form of tax revenue that would be better spent on other projects, like the city's present Muni system. 

Contact our state senators, Leland Yee and Mark Leno, and urge them to oppose borrowing money to build the Train to Nowhere.

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