Thursday, June 28, 2012

Central Subway folly noticed in Congress

Even though it's a Republican saying it, it's still true: the Central Subway is a bad project. Good that McClintock gives SaveMuni much-deserved credit, but he gives the Grand Jury Report on the Central Subway too much credit. Unfortunately, the Grand Jury didn't think the project should be scrapped but instead just called for a new design. 

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Not proud of the naked guys

Against the naked guys in the Castro
Letter to the Editor, SF Chronicle
June 27, 2012

Am I the only gay man in the city who is aghast at the naked guys parading in the Castro?

Aren't there laws against public nudity and indecency? Why aren't the police enforcing the laws?

I have lived in San Francisco 36 years and I am as liberal as they come. I always thought the Castro was an inviting and interesting place. But not anymore.

I see nothing colorful or exciting about naked, butt-ugly men greeting locals and tourists. I have witnessed too many families and kids with shock and dismay on their faces. I have talked to other gay friends who are just as upset at the spectacle.

Supervisor Scott Wiener made an attempt to remedy the situation by requiring that these naked individuals put a towel or something under themselves when sitting down (and I applaud his efforts), but is that really the problem?

Add the increasing number of unkempt homeless people and the psychotic and drug episodes that I see frequently in the Castro, and I am no longer feeling "gay pride." Rather, I am feeling something more akin to "gay despair."

Jim Ross
San Francisco

Of course Tim Redmond at the Bay Guardian thinks they're cool.

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Affordable Care Act upheld

The right wing freaks out!

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