Monday, May 14, 2012

Beyond Chron joins the bike lemmings

For years Randy Shaw and Beyond Chron ignored the anti-car bicycle movement. Shaw was even bewildered when the bike people tried to scuttle a development on Market Street he favors. Before last week's Bike to Work Day piece, the last thing I remember Beyond Chron publishing on bikes was way back in 2006, a hand-wringing piece about Healthy Saturdays in Golden Gate Park. Odd that the latest piece revisits David Chiu's trip to Europe in 2010, when he consulted those clever foreigners about how to force people out of their cars here in the benighted US.

Shaw evidently wants to keep his prog credentials in order, especially since a member of his favorite ethnic group is now taking the lead in the movement to screw up city traffic on behalf of cyclists. Funny how people in China are abandoning bikes and getting cars even as the bike movement tries to get people in the US to adopt a peasant transportation "mode." Still wondering how much Chiu's trip to Europe cost city taxpayers.

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Black Bloc: White punks in black

Photo by Michael Macor for the SF Chronicle

Just for the record, the violent Black Bloc anarchist group that trashed the Mission on May Day is the same tendency that fractured city cop Peter Shields's skull in the demo taped by city leftist pseudo-martyr Josh Wolf. Wolf was jailed for refusing to turn over his tape to the Federal Grand Jury. Wolf was embraced by SF's prog establishment, including Ross Mirkarimi and District Attorney Kamala Harris.

Not surprising to learn that the Black Bloc folks are white punks dressed in black:

As co-managers of the Berkeley Surplus store on San Pablo Avenue, Mitchell Langon and Michael Ludlow have sold a lot of gas masks, dark bandannas and black hoodie sweatshirts to protesters since Occupy began in the fall. "I've had a bunch of rich white kids come in here looking for the black stuff---you know the type, the Marin County trust-fund types," said Langon, whose store sports a sign reading, "For all your riot needs."

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