Monday, April 16, 2012

Tell City Hall: Leave the Panhandle alone!

Neighborhood residents have an opportunity to oppose taking away street parking on Fell and Oak Streets to make bike lanes designed to make "cyclists more comfortable" riding their bikes on those streets. Note that the poll---here's a link to the poll---claims that it's about safety, even though, as I pointed out last week, there's no real evidence of a serious safety problem in the area. It's all about making cycists feel comfortable---and taking parking spaces away from those wicked "death monsters," aka cars---even though nearby Page and Hayes Streets are well-suited for cyclists to access the Wiggle from both sides of the Panhandle without making life more difficult for local residents and visitors who have to park on the street. 

Take the poll and tell the MTA and City Hall to leave the Panhandle alone. This project, which panders to the Bicycle Coalition and a small minority of cyclists, will make traffic and parking worse in the neighborhood.

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