Thursday, April 05, 2012

Prop. K sales tax and the Central Subway

Central Subway project budget

Good to see C.W. Nevius off the Mirkarimi story and onto the anti-car story:

Proposals like a half-cent increase in the sales tax or a parcel tax would spread the commitment over all of San Francisco, not just the beleaguered drivers. Granted, tax increases are never popular, but if these measures are the alternative, fed up drivers might be willing to support one.

San Francisco already has a sales tax for transportation projects: Proposition K, which city voters passed overwhelmingly in 2003 and is administered by the San Francisco County Transportation Authority.

Last year San Francisco made $174,610,099 off motorists from parking meters, parking tickets, and city-owned parking lots/garages. 

Since Prop. K brings in $80 million a year, the issue is how all that money is spent.

The city is spending $123 million on the Central Subway.
The Grand Jury explained last year why the Central Subway is a bad project.
Like financial institutions that are Too Big to Fail, the Central Subway is a bad project that is now Too Big to Stop.

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