Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Our "bothersome" elections

London Breed's photo-op

Worst metaphor of the year: Chronicle reporter Heather Knight compares local elections to a "bothersome panhandler":

It may seem like that crowded, somewhat nasty mayor's race---replete with accusations of voter fraud and bizarre unauthorized biographies---just ended and that another election season couldn't possibly be approaching. But this is San Francisco, and like a bothersome panhandler, election season always lurks just around the corner.

Knight tells us about a possible challenger to District One's Eric Mar:

Another rumored possibility is Rodney Fong, president of the planning commission and---we love this---owner of the Wax Museum at Fisherman's Wharf. Would a Supervisor Fong commission wax replicas of his colleagues and seat them in the chambers? Would anybody notice the difference?

If she can't control her contempt for the people and the process she'll be covering for the Chronicle, maybe Knight needs a new assignment.

Knight also tells us that London Breed's campaign for District 5 Supervisor "is being run by the same team that helped George Gascon win the district attorney's race."

Before Knight is reassigned to the Style section, maybe she can call the city coroner and check on Gascon's cover story on why his office didn't bring charges until the day after the election on the cyclist who last July ran down the pedestrian on the Embarcadero.

Did Gascon's campaign "team" advise him to delay charges until after the election to avoid antagonizing the city's bike people?

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