Friday, January 13, 2012

Ganging up on Mirkarimi

Photo by Matt Smith for Bay Citizen

I've been Ross Mirkarimi's harshest critic during his seven years as District 5 Supervisor, but there's something ugly about the furor over the domestic abuse allegations. 

Surely a bruise on his wife's arm isn't enough to justify destroying this man's life and career. And we get this hyperbole from this morning's Chronicle: ""How can people feel safe? The sheriff should not be putting his political career over the safety of domestic violence survivors and their children in this city." As if Mirkarimi represents an immediate threat to public safety! Why not wait for the D.A. to bring or not bring charges?

Bay Citizen provides testimony this morning from a woman who was his partner for years that physical abuse is not characteristic of Mirkarimi's personality or behavior.

Of course C.W. Nevius joins the mob, devoting a whole column to an incident over which there have been no charges filed.

The lynch mob forms

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