Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The politics of Christina Olague: Mirkarimi in drag

Olague is both an opportunist and a party line San Francisco progressive. As a Planning Commissioner, she voted to illegally implement the Bicycle Plan even though that ambitious project had had zero environmental review. Hard to believe that a Planning Commissioner didn't know about CEQA, the most important environmental law in California. She knew about it, but, like the Planning Department and the City Attorney, she chose to ignore the law, because, like Dennis Herrera and all ambitious city politicians, she understood that opposing the Bicycle Coalition would be a bad career move.  

With Mirkarimi and Kim, she dumped the Green Party when Barack Obama and the DCCC made being a Democrat fashionable again. Of course as a supervisor she'll support screwing up traffic on the Panhandle and on Masonic Avenue on behalf of the bike people. With Mirkarimi she shares responsibility for allowing the derelict, undistinguished Harding Theater to continue to blight the middle of Divisadero.

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