Monday, November 19, 2012

Mayor and the Chronicle stalk Sheriff Mirkarimi

AP file photo in the Examiner

Tami Bryant has this update on the hounding of Sheriff Mirkarimi:

Even though Sheriff Mirkarimi was reinstated after the Board of Supervisors' vote last October 9th, we have not been able to rest. The attacks from those seeking to overturn the democratic election have not ceased. In the latest assault, the San Francisco Chronicle, a biased media outlet providing free publicity for the Sheriff's opponents, is now conducting an "opinion poll" on whether or not the Sheriff should recuse himself from overseeing domestic violence cases. The problem is he already has! They are really just setting up another venue for them to diminish the Sheriff's credibility and standing with the community.

Take a moment and click on the link to vote "no" in this poll. Neither of the "no" options are well-stated, but it is what we have to work with.



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