Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Nudist creeps try to bully San Francisco

Photo: Nelson Estrada, SF Weekly

Supervisor Scott Wiener is quoted in the LA Times:

"In its traditional form in San Francisco, public nudity was fine," said Supervisor Scott Wiener, who represents the Castro District and introduced both ordinances. "It was fine to have a random [naked] person walking through the neighborhood once in a while. It was fine at public festivals and parades." But although many talk about the tolerant "spirit of San Francisco," Wiener said, "what's happening now is…a caricature."

No, public nudity in San Francisco was not "fine" before the latest kerfuffle. The rest of us just stay away from the Folsom Street Fair and the Bay to Breakers. Many would still like to see the exhibitionists that sully the Bay to Breakers race busted for indecency. 

People expect to see naked people and vulgarity at the Folsom Street Fair---that's why they attend the event---but why should runners and their friends and families be subjected to that exhibitionism by a minority of creeps?

Wiener is a caricature of a San Francisco legislator, with his ridiculous half-measure last year that failed to deal realistically with the exhibitionists in the Castro.

The exhibitionists will try to stop enforcement of Wiener's belated attempt to restrict public nudity---if passed by the Board of Supervisors---by claiming that making them wear clothes in public is somehow a violation of their free speech rights!

More importantly, Wiener has introduced legislation to restrict the public's right to appeal City Hall projects under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), which even the Sierra Club is opposing.

Of course the "progressives" at the Bay Guardian support the exhibitionists. Tim Redmond thinks the free speech claim is "a pretty good argument," but he also thinks graffiti/tagging vandalism is nothing but "involuntary public art"!  

These creeps are following the example set by Critical Mass, since a minority of bike people have been bullying the people of San Francisco on the last Friday of the month for 20 years.

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