Monday, October 29, 2012

The nukes in Sandy's path

Oyster Creek nuclear power plant

From Jack Bog's blog:

Watch the nukes in Sandy's path

They're called Oyster Creek, Salem, and Peach Bottom. Let's hope this is the only place you read their names in the week ahead.

Oyster Creek: One GE boiling water reactor, the oldest reactor still operating in the United States. Mark I---the same model as in Fukushima. Just off Barnegat Bay on Forked River.

Salem: Two Westinghouse pressurized water reactors. On Delaware Bay.

Peach Bottom: Two boiling water reactors, both GE Mark I. On the Susquehanna River at the border of Pennsylvania and Maryland.

If we had to pick one to worry about, we'd go with Oyster Creek. Really old, really vulnerable. Cousin Jim lives in the shadow of the thing. God help him and his and the whole northeastern United States.


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