Friday, October 19, 2012

D5 bike guy in solo fall

District 5 resident and bike guy Greg Hayes has gone over his handlebars, so to speak, convicted of stalking a woman and violating a court order. Hayes will also have to register as a sex offender when he's released.
Hayes was a member of the Bicycle Advisory Commission when the city was rushing the Bicycle Plan illegally through the process. By his account he and Marc Salomon, also a member of the Commission at the time, objected to how the city and the Bicycle Coalition were pushing the Plan through the process without any environmental review, a rancorous split in the bike community that no one outside that community even heard about until after the city was busted by our litigation and ordered by the court to do an environmental review of the 500-page Plan.
The last time I mentioned Hayes on this blog was back in 2008, after he had an accident on his bike and came hobbling into Cafe Abir on crutches one morning while I was having coffee.
Hayes tried to defend me after Matt Smith at SF Weekly made a goofy attack on me and our lawyer, though his letter included some odd falsehoods, since we were never really friends, and I never met his family, though I did meet one of his girlfriends at the cafe.
But Greg's analysis of the Bicycle Plan fiasco was always a little out-of-focus, as he seemed to blame the Bicycle Coalition more than City Hall, even though it was the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors that unanimously passed one of the Plan's two volumes and made it part of the city's General Plan. The Plan, as Judge Busch emphasized in his decision, was in fact two volumes, and the city tried unsuccessfully to hide the second volume with specific plans for city streets over at the SFCTA.
A retrospective account of the city's illegal process is here.
Before the rancorous split with the Bicycle Coalition, Hayes contributed a couple of articles to the Bicycle Coalition's Tube Times here and here.

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