Thursday, September 20, 2012

Exempting predatory parking policy from review

Ed Reiskin: Anti-car bike guy in charge of Muni

Mary Miles (#230395)
Attorney at Law for Coalition for Adequate Review
San Francisco, CA 94102

Edward D. Reiskin, Director
Roberta Boomer, Secretary
and Members of the SFMTA Board of Directors
San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
1 S. Van Ness Ave., 7th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103

RE: SFMTA BOARD AGENDA, SEPTEMBER 18, 2012, ITEM 13 ["Policies for On-Street Parking Management"]


This is public comment on the above-described Item 13 of the Agenda of September 18, 2012 of the SFMTA Board of Directors, proposing Board approval of "Policies for On-Street Parking Management" in San Francisco (hereinafter referred to as "Parking Policies" and "the Project"). The anonymous, unpaginated 23-page Parking Policies screed is a project under the California Environmental Quality Act ("CEQA," Pub. Res. Code secs. 21000 et seq., and 14 Cal.Code Regs. [CEQA Guidelines] secs. 15000 et seq.) The Project proposes changes to City streets and parking, including parking restrictions and installation of parking meters, that will cause adverse direct, secondary, and cumulative impacts on parking, traffic, transit, air quality, emergency and other services, and quality of life for travelers and residents in the City. The Project therefore requires environmental review through an environmental impact report ("EIR") that identifies, analyzes and proposes mitigations for each impact, and alternatives to the Project, including the addition of parking meters to any area in San Francisco.

The "Parking Policies" Project has received no environmental review. Therefore the Board may not lawfully approve the Project until it has received complete environmental review, proper public notice, and the opportunity for informed public participation in the decisionmaking process.

This commenter hereby requests notice of all proceedings on the "Parking Policies" Project.

Please assure that this Comment has been placed in all applicable files and distributed to all members of the MTA Board in advance of the September 18, 2012, Meeting.

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