Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Surveying all SF neighborhoods on parking

Parking tickets are the new taxation

By popular demand, the ENUF Parking Plan Survey is now extended to include all San Francisco neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Parking Surveys in 3 languages are here ENUF-parking survey

We have created separate surveys for residents and business owners. You should fill out a residential survey for the neighborhood in which you reside, and a business survey for the neighborhood your business is in. One survey per business please, to track the parking habits of your employees, customers and clients, and vendors.

Why are we administering this survey?

We believe the SFMTA isn’t listening to (or measuring) our needs or wants in any meaningful way and has no plans to. We believe they intend to place meters throughout San Francisco, with no thought given to what makes sense to those of us that live and work here.  Do you want meters till 10 or 11 pm? No Residential Parking Permits? Meters on Sunday? Overnight tow zones?

These are a few of the parking techniques the SFMTA has used in Mission Bay to control the residents who live and used to park there. If we don't stop them, they will spread these tactics all over town. Some supervisors are holding meetings and attempting to mitigate the problems. They need our support and influence to override the SFMTA.

Please stay tuned for to metermadness and SFENUF.org for regular updates and actions as we gather data and support from citizens who have had ENUF of SFMTA’s methods.

Fill out our survey!

Our survey is one of the most comprehensive parking surveys to-date in San Francisco.  We’re also proud that you can take it in English, Spanish, or Chinese, thanks to the generosity and hard work of our neighbors.

The survey is broken down into 4 sections:

•  Section 1: About You focuses on your thoughts and feelings about the parking in your neighborhood.
•  Section 2: Your Business focuses on the needs of businesses (and their employees) in our neighborhoods, which can be vastly different than residents.
•  Section 3: Parking In Your Neighborhood seeks to give us an understanding of the current parking demand in your neighborhood. By subtracting you and your neighbor’s demand from overall demand we should be able to determine how many commuters are parking in our neighborhoods.
•  Section 4: Your Transit Needs asks about your usage of transportation other than cars. The last few questions ask about specific times when it is difficult to park in your neighborhood. We feel that these will be useful in crafting fair parking policies.

We realize you may not have the time to fill out the entire survey.
•  If you start but don’t have the time to finish immediately, you can save the survey by entering your email address and return later. Please, not too much later. We want the survey to close on September 7th.
•  If you’re too busy to fill out the entire survey we understand!  Only the first 7 questions are required. Quickly fill them out and click Next until you see Submit. Then you’re done.
We appreciate you filling out the survey and sharing it with your neighbors. We look forward to hearing about your parking needs. Please know that your personal information will never be sold or shared We will only use your answers to determine what your neighborhood’s parking needs are.

For questions about the survey, please contact us at contact@sfenuf.org

For more information about SF ENUF, please go to www.sfenuf.org



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