Tuesday, August 21, 2012

London Breed channels Chris Daly

Fog City interviews London Breed  and hopes that she will be "the next Chris Daly on the Board of Supervisors." 

She's clearly mastered Daly's rhetorical style:
You think I give a fuck about a Willie Brown at the end of the day when it comes to my community and the shit that people like Rose Pak and Willie Brown continue to do and try to control things. They don't fucking control me---you go ask them why wouldn't you support London because she don't do what the hell I tell her to do. I don't do what no motherfucking body tells me to do.
Maybe this is what Lois Kazakoff means by giving women "a bigger voice."

On the other hand, Breed is going for the fucking bike vote, since she supports taking away 90 parking spaces on the Panhandle for bike lanes and the Masonic Avenue project that will take away all the street parking on Masonic between Fell St. and Geary Blvd.

Julian Davis and the other candidates in the District 5 race will also endorse these projects, but Breed is more out-front about it.

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