Monday, June 18, 2012

Mirkarimi on the destruction of his family

Ross Mirkarimi in yesterday's Chronicle:

In a very high-profile way, my family is being destroyed. In what can only be described as the height of paternalism, the destruction is taking place in the name of protecting my wife---protection that she neither asked for nor wanted.

But is destroying a family a just punishment, especially when the innocent face the same punishment as the guilty? How is Eliana being protected when the court refuses to let us so much as talk over the phone or get co-counseling at precisely the time we need to heal our marriage? How is my son being protected when he badly wants to be with his daddy but is unable to because the district attorney objects to my traveling to Venezuela to see him?

Where is the "restorative justice" in San Francisco when the objective at all cost is to win a court case at the price of family dissolution? Politics aside, few in my position get to see just how broken the system really is when it comes to family reunification...

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