Sunday, February 19, 2012

Following the money on the Central Subway

From Save Muni's Howard Wong: 

Hi Everyone:

Re: Some interesting articles

Interesting that this New York Times article about Willie Brown mentions that one of his  clients is Aecom, the big consultant for the Central Subway Project.

This is another layer in the undercurrents of money in big infrastructure projects. Would be interesting to "dye" money and watch its flow to privileged politicians, consultants, contractors, land owners, developers, special interests, nonprofits, governmental staff, Willie Brown, Rose Pak and so on. No wonder there's such improvised support for projects never disclosed publicly. Remember, that's how bad projects have been pushed throughout history, e.g. the Embarcadero/Central Freeways, demolition of the Western Addition/Lower Fillmore/Nihonmachi...

Streetsblog articles about Stockton Street here and here. Imagine if $500 million of state/local dollars, currently being siphoned into the Central Subway Project, were poured into the Stockton Street corridor and the citywide Muni system.

Like the great civic battles in history, the fate of the Central Subway is far from resolved. Let's focus on the funding and congressional approvals because future generations will thank us for our perseverance. 


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