Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Meter guy issued "as many citations as I could..."

Not that there's any doubt about it, but the story in yesterday's Chronicle by the retiring meter guy provides more confirmation of the predator/prey relationship the city has with motorists :

I started in 1987, when we were still part of SFPD. Back then, it was about issuing as many citations as I could because that's what I was told I was being paid to do. We had a work performance average of 13.8 tickets per hour under SFPD. Of course, back then the bail for expired meters was $8. Today it's $55 or $65. For a bus stop, it's $255; for a fire hydrant, $90. I tell people, "Rather than expose yourself to a citation, park in a garage. It's a lot less expensive, especially if you're just doing something really quickly."

As if "a garage" is always available!

The city has always had a quota system for its meter maids and meter guys.

A couple of years ago Will Reisman reported in the Examiner how the city insists that "parking control officers step up their production" to make money for the city ("Parking citations on the decline," Jan. 8, 2010).

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