Monday, December 12, 2011

Mayor Lee's Hobson's Choice

Thomas Hobson

Mayor Lee has nothing but a Hobson's Choice in appointing a District 5 Supervisor. If he picks a so-called moderate, he/she will be successfully opposed in November by one the district's party-line leftists---Quintin Mecke, Julian Davis, John Rizzo, etc., which I call the Juanita Owens Effect. If he appoints a progressive, he'll strengthen his leftist opposition on the Board of Supervisors, while giving the appointee a boost in the November election, though even a progressive would be tainted just by being appointed.

Yesterday the Examiner listed a number of other candidates for the mayor's kiss-of-death appointment: London Breed, Michael Breyer, Phil Ginsburg, Christina Olague, Malcolm Yeung, Michael O'Connor, Gabriel Haaland.

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Cop-killer's life spared

Illustration: Bridge and Tunnel Club

With the help of progressives, including our Board of Supervisors in 2005, Abu Mumia Jamal won't be executed for killing Philadephia cop Daniel Faulkner thirty years ago. Chronicle columnist Debra Saunders is the only local journalist to write about this.

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