Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More hats in the District 5 ring

John Rizzo at a Screw-Up-Masonic rally

From the Chronicle's story this morning speculating on who Mayor Lee will appoint District 5 Supervisor: "...Lee, a moderate who won office with the strong backing of the business community and who placed a distant second to Supervisor John Avalos, the standard-bearer for progressives in the Nov. 8 mayoral election, among District Five voters."

Actually, Mayor Lee got 3,886 votes in District 5---I got it wrong in the previous post---coming in second to John Avalos (5,566), and a not-so-"distant" second place at that. When you look at the totals for Dennis Herrera (2,330), David Chiu (1,800), Jeff Adachi (1,177), and Bevan Dufty (921), you have to conclude that there are a lot of potentially "moderate" voters in District 5.

The Chronicle lists some possible appointees: Christina Olague, Malcolm Yeung, London Breed, Phil Ginsburg, Michael O'Connor, Quintin Mecke, Julian Davis, Gabriel Haaland. John Rizzo has also been mentioned.

Yeung has close ties to Mayor Lee and Rose Pak, which means he would have the same problem as Olague. Ditto for London Breed, who has ties to Willie Brown.

Mecke works for Tom Ammiano and is such a methodical SF progressive I call him RoboProg. Seems unlikely that the mayor would appoint him, since he would be an addition to the left-wing faction on the Board of Supervisors.

John Rizzo, a bike guy and another ultra-orthodox progressive, has the same problem as Mecke. Lee is unlikely to want to bolster his left-wing opposition on the board. Rizzo cut his prog teeth while on the Concourse Authority's board, where he brought a completely bogus Sunshine Ordinance violation against the Concourse Authority.

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