Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Still coming soon: Study of bike path on the Bay Bridge

Adding a bike/pedestrian path to the West span of the Bay Bridge will cost $200-$400 million, but money is no problem for the Bicycle Coalition, which is "thrilled" that the street bond was passed by city voters earlier this month. Money---taxpayers' money, that is---can never be an obstacle in the relentless pursuit of the coalition's agenda.

We're now told that the $1.3 million study of the issue will be released next year, after a public meeting and public comment. I already like the "no project" alternative.


The plan is to have a public meeting in December to discuss where we are with alternatives. I believe it's going to be December 13 in San Francisco in the evening. The study will be completed next year after public comment and completion of any final technical studies of preferred alternatives.


Peter Lee, P.E.
Senior Transportation Engineer
Metropolitan Transportation Commission/
Bay Area Toll Authority

Tel.: 510.817.5716
Mobile:  510.384.7471
Fax: 510.817.5848

Mr. Lee:

Has the study on the West Span bike/pedestrian path beem completed yet? Last time we communicated, you thought it would be released in October. Did I miss the release?

Rob Anderson

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