Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rose Pak plays the race card

OMG, a picture from Jim Herd's blog. Oh well

Rose Pak plays the race card on the Central Subway issue, as if criticism of the costly boondoggle is based on anti-Chinese sentiment:

“Usually they[Peskin and Herrera] speak nicely, because there are so many Chinese in San Francisco. But now there’s a chance that a Chinese will become mayor, and some people don’t want to see that happen, so they don’t stint from attacking the Chinese community. This is fundamentally racism.”

Pak played a more statesman-like role several years ago during the Ed Jew scandal, when some were claiming that those calling for his resignation from the Board of Supervisors were racists:

Rose Pak, a powerhouse at the Chinatown Chamber of Commerce, recently called for [Ed]Jew's resignation and said his supporters are spouting baseless conspiracy theories. "Our community leaders should not bury their head in the sand and try to blame it on somebody else," Pak said. "I wish these people would stop talking so everybody doesn't think we're all morons."

Evidently Rose Pak has now joined the "morons."

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