Friday, September 09, 2011

Herrera opposes the Central Subway

Now that both Dennis Herrera and Jeff Adachi oppose the Central Subway, maybe some of the other candidates will relocate their minds and their spines and question other city policies, thus providing city voters with a real policy debate, instead of the lame groupthink we've seen so far (Actually, credit where it's due: Wilma Pang came out against the Central Subway in the SFBC's questionnaire, but she's not considered a "serious" candidate).

Herrera's excellent paper on the Central Subway.

The Matoff memo and the Grand Jury report he relies on in his paper.

Good to see that he gives a mention to the folks at Save Muni, who have opposed this dumb project for years.

Too bad Herrera didn't take a more skeptical approach to the Bicycle Plan way back in 2005, which could have saved the city a lot of time and money. He's still touting how he handled that litigation, which has always been questionable, to put it mildly:

Herrera worked tirelessly with City departments to meet the environmental review requirements to implement San Francisco’s Bicycle Plan—the most ambitious program in City history to make bicycling a safe, reliable alternative to cars. He mounted an aggressive and ultimately successful defense from legal attacks, and moved to implement needed safety improvements throughout a court-ordered injunction.

"Environmental requirements"? What about the legal requirement to obey the most important environmental law in California? And "defense from legal attacks"? We were the ones who defended the injunction against three motions by Herrera to lift it before the EIR on the Bicycle Plan was completed and certified by the court. Even the "safety improvement" at Fell and Masonic turned out to be based on a lie.

All this pandering to the bike lobby will availeth him not, since it's unlikely the city's bike people are going to give him any credit in November for pushing their agenda. They understand that David Chiu and John Avalos are the real bike fanatics among the candidates.

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