Saturday, August 20, 2011

How to submit ballot arguments for Adachi's pension measure

Dear friends and supporters of Proposition D:

I am proud to announce that our Pension Reform campaign is in full swing. 

We need help drafting and submitting ballot arguments, which are due at 12:00 noon this coming Monday, August 22. These ballot arguments will appear in the ballot book that is mailed to all voters.

The arguments can be short or long, but not more than 300 words (including names at bottom). Be careful---301 words will be rejected.

Here is the form in which arguments need to be entered. Signatures count as words.

The rules are here.

If the author can't be there to present it to Elections, someone can represent him or her, but they need to use this assignment sheet.

Please note that there is a $200 publication fee, plus a charge of $2.00 per  word.

We will be happy to assist you in any way. Please email us at

Your help in making the case for real pension reform is greatly appreciated. Please let us know if the campaign can be of any assistance. Thank you!

Jeff Adachi
San Franciscans for Pension Reform

Phone: 415-905-9100

Mail: PO Box 77313, San Francisco, CA 94107


Portland commissioner knocks cyclists

Photo by J. Maus

Not surprising that Streetsblog posts a link to this bike-positive Portland story but not to this critical story. Portland City Commissioner Amanda Fritz is quoted in the critical story:

I may support a bike sharing program downtown when I see bike riders using downtown streets and sidewalks in a safe manner. Daily I see cyclists in the light rail and bus lines in front of my office. I see cyclists riding on the sidewalks, endangering and harassing pedestrians. I see cyclists running red lights and making illegal turns off the bus mall. And these are presumably experienced cyclists. I believe a bike rental program downtown would only add to these unsafe behaviors. The behaviors are unsafe for cyclists as well as pedestrians and drivers. The cycling community seems to be doing little or nothing to educate riders or reduce these dangerous behaviors. Until downtown streets are safe for all modes of users, I will not support using scarce transportation dollars for projects that would exacerbate problems rather than providing basic services that enhance safety for all modes.

Seems like boorish behavior by cyclists is universal, not just a San Francisco phenomenon.

Thanks to Jack Bog's Blog for the link.

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