Wednesday, August 10, 2011

To the left-wing: Please cut the crap

Boehner, Pelosi, and Obama

The rant below is from the PCTC (Please Cut the Crap) blog. I don't agree with all of it, but I agree that President Obama is a gifted politician---much better than his left-wing critics understand---who's doing pretty well against a relentless right-wing opposition party. And I also agree that he's much smarter than Michael Moore and the lefties at the Bay Guardian and Beyond Chron (He's getting some bad advice on high-speed rail from anti-car bike guy Ray Lahood, but the issue is increasingly moot, since the country doesn't have the money to build the system. The only question is how much money we're going to waste before the project dies a much-deserved death).

More Politics 101: Obama is SMARTER Than Us!

I’m not angry often. I don’t believe anger is an emotion that makes things better for anyone but yourself, and even that is rare. This is generally a political blog, and in politics anger is poisonous. I can’t say this enough; the average voter in this country (NOT voters on either extreme side of the political spectrum, but those who actually decide elections) is NOT motivated by anger, cannot be motivated by anger (usually), and actually reacts to expressed anger with disgust, for the most part. They don’t want to elect angry people, they want to elect competent people. They don’t care what WE think the issues are; they want to elect someone who knows and understands the issues and will do something about it.

Put simply, the general public already thinks all politicians suck, so you reiterating that politicians suck does nothing to advance the political process.

But I’m becoming angry with the far left these days, not just because they’re being unfair to the president and the Democrats, but because they pose as political “experts,” despite the fact that they seem to know nothing about how politics actually works.

Let’s start this rant by reminding you that the man occupying the White House currently got to where he is in spite of the fact that:
  • He is a black man;
  • He had a father who was a Kenyan Muslim;
  • He has an unusual name;
  • He didn’t have a ton of political experience when he ran and;
  • He had to beat one of the most established legacies in Democratic politics in the primary, and a respected war hero politician in the general election.
Barack Obama could very well be the most brilliant politician of our day. He knows what’s up far better than we do. To NOT defer to his judgment except in extreme circumstances is much like hiring a mechanic to repair your car and then telling him how (s)he should rebuild your carburetor. Put simply, if you think you can do it better, then do it. Otherwise, shut the hell up, because you sound stupid when you criticize an expert.

That is why all of you Monday morning quarterbacks out there---those of you who are constantly going on about how big a screw-up Obama is, and how he “should have” done something that YOU think would have “worked better”---just look pathetic. Seriously, you look sillier than shit, and it’s pissing most liberals off, because you’re affecting the discourse, and you’re making it more difficult to beat the right wing, which absolutely MUST be our first order of business for the next several election cycles. Pardon my French, but FUCK the Blue Dogs. THEY are NOT the problem. The problem is the extreme right, who are hell-bent on dismantling this country, one brick at a time...

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