Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nevius: the Great Recession is "everyone's fault"!

C.W. Nevius makes a problematic---even weird---moral judgment about who was responsible for the Great Recession that's left millions unemployed and caused many others to lose their homes:

"People say, 'Things may be tough, but I didn't bring about the recession,' " she said. " 'I have bills to pay. It's not my fault.' " Actually, that's not true. It's everyone's fault. Now it is time to fix it.

I guess President Obama shouldn't have bothered with financial reform to try to prevent a recurrence, since the poor banksters and Wall Street firms weren't any more responsible than the workers who lost their jobs or small businesses on main street that went belly-up because they couldn't get loans. And he might as well dump Elizabeth Warren and forget about creating the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

If the Great Recession was everyone's fault, it was no one's fault.

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