Monday, July 25, 2011

Muni's lie about covering bus windows

As reported in the Chronicle (Wrapping up deficit, Muni buses): "Muni officials say that both the agency's security team and the police have signed off on the new plan. They say the window-wrap material is perforated vinyl that won't obstruct views." 

Anyone who rides Muni knows that's a lie. The perforated material over the windows turns one of the prettiest cities in the country into a dotted grid for Muni passengers. It's like being inside a Chuck Close painting. 

Of course Muni's new boss supports this policy that shows contempt for Muni passengers in our allegedly "transit first" city.

MTA's budget is $780 million, it just gave Nat Ford a $384,000 gold parachute, and it will be paying Ed Reiskin $294,000 a year. 

But it's absolutely essential that it cover Muni bus windows with ads that bring in only $500,000 a year!

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At 10:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the MUNI riders are unwilling to pay their own way through fares, it stands to reason that they should not whine about having their "view" obstructed. If Reiskin worked for free, MUNI would still be a sinkhole.

The alternative is soaking drivers with more parking tickets, which would crash our tourism based economy.


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