Monday, June 20, 2011

"Consensus" pension reform doesn't serve city taxpayers

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

From a Bay City story: "But at this point, with two competing pension-reform measures headed for the November ballot, no one’s interests are served by continued warfare."

Except for the interests of the city's taxpayers.

The story continues:

Imagine, for a moment, if firefighters could accept Adachi’s professed sympathy. Maybe then the firefighters’ union, which despite its hostility to Adachi, is actually relatively open to financial concessions, could agree to hear Adachi out. And then maybe Mayor Edwin Lee could work with the Board of Supervisors to modify the “consensus” proposal enough to satisfy Adachi and persuade him to drop his more aggressive measure.

Maybe. The firefighters are "open to financial concessions"? If true that's a recent development. They should make concessions, since yesterday the Chronicle reported this: "The average pension for a retiree from the Fire Department is $108,552. From the Police Department? $95,016. And everybody else? $41,136."



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