Monday, June 27, 2011

Central Subway: $8.5 million cost overrun before job begins

This might be some kind of a record: an $8.5 million cost overrun on the Central Subway tunnel before the job even starts

In Matier and Ross this morning:

The impact of the twin exits of Ford and Rohan could be felt in the coming months, when Congress makes the call on how much to pay toward San Francisco's billion-dollar-plus Central Subway project.

"That makes me nervous," Nolan admitted. "When Nancy Pelosi was speaker we felt pretty good, but now I don't know." Still, the city is boring ahead with the project---literally. On Tuesday, the transportation agency board will be presented with a $233.5 million low bid for drilling a 1.7-mile tunnel from South of Market to Chinatown. That's about $8.5 million more than what the agency expected.

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