Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Fuck You All"

In the early Sixties, some UC Berkeley students created a mock literary quarterly called, if I remember correctly, "Fuck You: A Journal of the Arts." [Later: Actually, it was called Fuck You: A Magazine of the Arts] They were kidding, but, incredibly, the guy in this video seems to be serious. Glen Friedman has a "show"---that's what Queena Kim calls it in a nice, deadpan story in Citizen---called "Fuck You All" at the Nine Four One Gallery on Geary Blvd. downtown here in Progressive Land. 

One would like to think that Friedman is doing some kind of elaborate shtick like the late Andy Kaufman. Alas, he seems to be serious, which makes him the biggest pseudo-artist and horse's ass since, well, Shepherd Fairey, who appears at the beginning of this video. Hurry downtown with your family, since the show will be closing at the end of the year:

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