Monday, November 15, 2010

Comment from a fashion critic

Bevin Dufty

Anonymous writes:


I know this kind of vulgarity isn’t your style, but I figure you’re the only local blog that would even consider publishing it, and someone has to say it. It’s about the current goatee fad you now see on men everywhere. Guys are adopting the goatee look, but they don’t seem to understand that it makes their faces look like cunts, with a horizontal opening instead of a vertical one. With all due respect to the female organ---and God knows I’ve paid my respects over the years---it’s disconcerting to be confronted with cunt-faced men everywhere you turn---on TV newscasters, athletes, the guy in the coffee house, politicians, hipsters on bikes and skateboards, etc. We used to think that women were the ones who are slaves to fashion, but let’s face it, guys are just as bad, since they seem to think it’s fashionable and okay to groom their faces to look like cunts! Don’t they see that when they trim their fussy, cunt-like beards in the morning? No, I guess they all must think they look cool. I’m just saying: dudes, take a look!