Tuesday, October 26, 2010

City progs betray young blacks

Randy Shaw's heart has always bled for "undocumented" immigrants---otherwise known as illegal immigrants---and people of color in general. Which is fine, since we can never have too much compassion in our public dialogue. But in Shaw's case his concern for illegal immigrants in effect trumps his concern for black Americans who are citizens of the United States. Today's Beyond Chron has the latest example, with Carl Bloice's lament for the plight of young black people looking for work:

However, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for African Americans between the ages of 16 and 19 reached 49 percent, up from 45.4 percent in August and 41.7 percent for the same period last year.It used to be that when people concerned with the matter commented on the black teenage jobless rate, they would put in a line about half, or nearly half, of the young people were without work in major urban centers. Now it’s the case from Boston to Bakersfield. Is this the “new normal” we hear so much about?

Yes, and it's been "normal" for years, as progressives wring their hands about the suffering of illegal immigrants, who, as it happens, take thousands of jobs that could/should go to American citizens, and, in the process, undermine the wage scale for all working people. Bloice should ask the oh-so-progressive Randy Shaw about that and whether those of us who point out the downside of illegal immigration are racists or whether knee-jerk progressives like Shaw are tangled up in a big contradiction in their PC ideology.