Wednesday, October 13, 2010

BeyondChron plays the race card---again

Randy Shaw at Beyond Chron is the kind of white progressive guy whose greatest fear is that someone someday is going to accuse him of being a bigot. Like virulent homophobes who are closet cases, one wonders what lurks behind his over-solicitous approach to people of color---and even to Muslims, as I found out when he refused to print my letter on Comedy Central's censorship of South Park after being threatened by Islamists. 

Yes, Randy, we know you're one of the Good Guys, more or less. 

Shaw and other city lefties seem to think that being one of the Good Guys is pretty easy: you just go down the laundry list of acceptable "progressive" positions on issues and check the PC box. One of the primary missions of this blog is to convince people in the city's political community that this isn't good enough. (Rafael Mandelman, pictured on the upper left, is such a repeat offender I had to dub him the new Roboprog, a worthy successor to Quentin Mecke for that award.)

Now Shaw has played the race card against the Bay Guardian, which has heretofore been a paragon of Political Correctness in a political jurisdiction I call Progressive Land. Seems that the Guardian didn't pay the non-white community the proper deference when it endorsed the four people pictured above, even though two of these folks are gay, two are female, and Mandelman is working so hard on his tan that he may soon qualify as a person of color.

The Guardian can defend itself, but the moral of the story should be this: for a city that prides itself on being in the vanguard of social change, it would be fitting that San Francisco be the place where identity politics dies. The fact that you are gay, a person of color, a woman, Hispanic, Moslem, or transgendered doesn't mean a goddam thing when dealing with city issues.

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